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Remo Ambassador 10" Coated Drum Head

Remo Ambassador 10" Coated Drum Head

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Remo Ambassador Coated 10" BA-0110

Ambassador Coated Series

The Remo Ambassador Coated Series are regularly referred to as the worldwide industry standard batter drum heads for studio and live applications. They are the factory-supplied drum head of choice for almost every drum manufacturer due to how incredibly easy they are to tune, and their open, bright and resonant tones.

About Remo

After World War II, the founder of Remo Inc., Remo D. Belli, was experimenting with PET film as a new material choice for drum heads. At the time, the idea was dismissed by many drummers because they preferred the sound of calfskin heads which dominated the market at that point. There were, however, some issues with the calfskin heads, such as their need for regular tuning, so Remo Belli went about solving these problems and creating a convenient solution for drummers. Using Mylar, a synthetic polyester film for drum heads, Belli was able to copy the look of a calfskin head, with a white and opaque look. Later developments of these drum heads included clear heads, two-ply heads, and simulated natural heads (Fiberskyn) which are still very popular amongst many modern drummers. Remo D. Belli died in April 2016, however, the company continue to lead the way in the drumhead manufacturing industry, supplying heads to a range of drum manufacturers including Pearl, Yamaha, Mapex, DW Drums, and many more.


  • Warm, open tones with bright attack and controlled sustain
  • Single ply, 10-mil coated film construction
  • High-quality coated design
  • Great response and accurate tonal control
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  • Construction: Single Ply, 10-mil Film
  • Drum Head Size: 10''
  • Film Type: Coated
  • Drum Head Type: Rack Tom/Snare