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Aquila Tenor Uke String Reg 10U

Aquila Tenor Uke String Reg 10U

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Instrument Tenor Ukulele
Number of Strings 4-String Set
Material Nylgut - Aquila's own developed synthetic gut
Tuning G C E A - Key of C
Set Details High G String
Gauge (high to low) Individual Gauges unknown
Tie-On / Ball End Tie-on

  • Aquila 10U Tenor Ukulele Strings (Regular) All Nylgut

String Length - 76cm

Product Description

For centuries, all natural gut strings were the only choice available to musicians. With modern production capabilities and the advent of nylon/plastic, came a longer lasting, more consistent string that was also more impervious to climate and humidity changes; HOWEVER, as it is with many modern "improvements" something was lost. The feel and action of true gut strings can't be matched. And to some, the authentic, traditional tone produced by gut strings can't be replaced either. Made from multiple strands of real animal (not cat) intestines, gut strings are the result of a slow, painstaking process that requires a relentless attention to detail. We at Aquila pursues the ways of Italy's past to bring us the finest gut strings available today. These strings also make an excellent choice for your vintage instruments.