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Hercules Guitar Wall Hanger Woodblock - Black

Hercules Guitar Wall Hanger Woodblock - Black

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The AGS head itself has also been aesthetically improved and technically updated so that it now accommodates an even wider range of instruments. To further compliment this greater flexibility, it also included free with both products is a Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment pack (NINA).

This simple but ingenious upgrade allows lightweight narrow neck items such as Ukulele’s to be used on the new more efficient AGS PLUS system: 40mm - 52mm neck widths.

- Attractive Wood Base for home mounting
- AutoSwivel yoke allows different shaped guitars and basses to hang vertically
- Auto Grab System yoke safely and securely holds your instrument
- Specially Formulated Foam completely covers the yoke and protects your finish

*Wooden base plate measure 100mm x 44mm