Kinsman Adaptors -  6.35 STEREO to 3.5 STEREO

Kinsman Adaptors - 6.35 STEREO to 3.5 STEREO

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Kinsman have a huge selection of audio connectors, adaptors, splitters and couplers, featuring jack and phono connectors in a variety of formats and sizes that cater for all your needs.

Lead adaptors are essential accessory items in all walks of the entertainment business, either at home, in the studio or live stage environment. With the Kinsman range you’ll never get caught out, make sure you have a collection in your audio kit.

Made from high quality plastic and metal materials for a long durable life, the compact, lightweight Kinsman LP4 adaptor allows a lead with a stereo 6.35mm (1/4in stereo jack) plug to connect to a single 3.5mm stereo plug.