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Stagg 3x Bass Drum Lugs - 1C-BS-HP

Stagg 3x Bass Drum Lugs - 1C-BS-HP

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Replacement lugs – suitable for most bass drum shells. The Stagg Bass Drum Lugs features three USA standard drum lugs with a 50mm distance between axes. The nickel-plating adds exceptional durability to the lugs, preventing bumps and scratches during play, travel and storage. These lugs ensure sufficient tension on the hoops on your bass drum, without affecting any of the shells natural resonance.

This pack includes three drum lugs and the all of the mounting screws necessary to attach the lugs to your drum.

  • Suitable for most bass drum shells
  • Includes three drum lugs and mounting screws
  • Nickel-plated adds exceptional durability
  • An ideal replacement pack


  • Dimensions: 26 x 68mm
  • Distance Between Axes: 50mm
  • Finish: Nickel: